Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Action as opposed to complaining

Recently, I launched a beta of my first real Unity game:  Twitter Of The Dead.  What surprised me the most about the experience was the lack of real support for Unity games.  But then just as I was about to give up, I was sent this shining ray of light on Twitter:  Unity Blog link.

Long story short,  I didn't read the comments on that Unity blog link and received this from Kongregate:

At this point we do not support Unity3D games on our site, so I'm afraid we can't approve it. 
Yeah, that was a bummer.  Especially since I had been playing the game on Kongregate's site for the previous 2 days, and had optimized my game to fit in their iFrame system (I'm not bitter really).  This left me with very few options.  Yes, there are a couple of Unity portals online, but the bigger ones (which are still tiny in comparison to their Flash-centric siblings) tend to be backed by a game studio.  I'm talking about blurst.com and musegames.com,  I didn't really apply to either, just due to my game not really fitting their format.  Which brings me to my new Kickstarter project.

Introducing WeAreBattle.

Instead of being a defeatist, I'm going to make the game Portal that I would like to post games to.  Also I've wanted to setup an XBox Live Audio Chat system for Unity for a while now, and this will help me allow to do that.  I'm tired of game portals being more about the website, and not really focusing on the quality of games, and their game developers needs.

Check out my kickstarter project here, and maybe if you feel the same way I do, we can make a freakin' cool place for games,  and help get you game devs more in touch with the people playing your games.

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