Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Ok, ok, that last post was pretty bitter. Well you work on an impossible project for 5 months and tell me how you do. Regain composure, breathe in, and repeat the following: and so it goes, amen.

I've decided to dive into a couple of side projects to get my Flash groove back, and guess what? It worked.

Flash is good for a lot of things, 3d is just not one of them. Unless, you are cool with a pathetic 4000 polys for your ENTIRE scene! I mean come on!

And so it goes, amen.

Let's focus on the positives. I'm going back to 2d, and I'm developing a Flash Framework called MegaMarioLandBrothersAS3. If you have any brain at all you can figure out that it is a framework for old skool platformer games.

What will it include? Funny you should ask, because I've got some bullets for ya.

  • 2d physics built in (gravity, colliders/collision detection, springing)
  • Finite State Machines for A.I. (working on A* Pathfinding as well)
  • Easy Art Implementation
  • Super fast level creation
It's just a little pet project that I've been playing with. Should be releasing code within a couple of weeks.