Thursday, January 15, 2009


I've been noticing that a lot of the main flash dudes are talking about things that are very un-flash lately. Such as: Unity3d (which I'm a super fanboy of already), Cocoa/ObjC/iPhone Development (I'm wondering if that market isn't already oversaturated), Facebook Development (really now?), Silverlight (it's actually really powerful, and once they unleash it's 3d power. . . flash had best watch it's back), and just generally telling all the Flash/Flex Developers to learn some new languages.

Was there a memo I missed? If you were to follow all of the flasherati's blogs and forecast where all of this is leading, you would start to wonder about Flash's future. Pixel Bender was touted as the Flash savior, but it's still too young yet (and not to mention how Flash seems to break Pixel Bender's knees somehow only allowing it to gimp along). Flash's 3d support is sad. Although the amazing teams working on Away and Papervision have pushed Flash into new territory, it's still kinda sad the poly count that flash can deal with (especially comparing to Unity3d's output).

Long story short. . . Flash is going to remain king of RIA for a while, but I think the lack of Flash support on the iPhone has really hurt it. The flash bubble has been popped. Now what?

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