Friday, November 19, 2010

Kickstarter Postmortem (a.k.a. FAIL)

First off, I would really like to thank all 9 guys that pitched in to my Kickstarter project.  + 5 Karma all around for you awesome people.

I set the Kickstarter goal at the crazy high amount of $5000.  I knew it wasn't going to make that, but I was curious to see if the Unity3d community would get behind me at all.  And they really didn't.  But I can't blame this on anyone other than myself really.  I didn't push it at all, probably because I don't like asking/begging for help, and on top of that, the money wasn't really able to be spent the way I wanted to.

Kickstarter is very very strict on what you spend the earned money on.  I was actually needing the money most to fund a game competition I wanted to run to get Games onto We Are Battle.  That killed my project I believe, because why does a successful Developer need 5000 dollars to start a website?  And what would 5000 dollars really go towards?  Exactly.

Also, to be successful on Kickstarter you have to have great rewards.  Yeah, my rewards were totally lacking.  But unfortunately I've seen that most Digital Projects on Kickstarter die a sad death.  Especially video games.  The only games that are really funded I've noticed are board games,  because then you typically receive a thing in the mail.  

Thanks again to the awesome guys that ponied up,  and showed that they believed in the project.

Good night, and good luck.


burtonposey said...

In light of your KickStarter setback, how does this affect your plans to launch We Are Battle? Are you moving ahead with the idea?

Seantron said...

We Are Battle is still on track and will launch eventually. Just due to the lack of response, it's not as much of a priority. I've also yet to see enough Unity3d games that are in a state of completion/at a level that would be ready for We Are Battle yet. So yeah, there's still some major hurdles.